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Biobased Building is a Course

Biobased Building

Starts Mar 25, 2019


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Starts Mar 25, 2019




2-3 hrs/week



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Certificate (free)


We are all on the verge of a transition to a world in which we want and need to be less dependent on fossil raw materials. In the transition to this world, we aim for an economy that runs on biomass as a raw material. In order to take a good step in the direction of biobased life, biobased construction is very important.

Today, many new techniques exist to build or renovate energy-neutral and biobased materials. In this MOOC Biobased Construction, you learn to apply the latest biobased materials in new construction and renovation. Your assignment is to design a cottage, tiny house or a cabin with only biobased materials. You learn how to process the different materials in the roof, the façade, the floor, in all parts of the house. This MOOC is specially written for college students in their first and second year of architecture and construction and professionals.


  • Knowledge about biobased construction materials
  • Knowledge about biobased construction
  • Designing your own biobased cabin with that knowledge

Target Audience: Construction and architecture college students in the first years of their study; young professionals.

Course is offered by the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy.

Course Instructors

Willem Böttger

Lector Biobased Construction

Willem Böttger is the lector Biobased Construction at Avans University in Breda.

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