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HIV Treatment is a Course

HIV Treatment

Ends Apr 30, 2021


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Ends Apr 30, 2021




1-2 hrs/week


Understanding of HIV

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Certificate (free)


CATIE’s HIV treatment course aims to develop in-depth knowledge of HIV treatment for front-line service providers working with people who are living with HIV. Throughout this course, participants learn how HIV treatment works in the body, what being on HIV treatment means, how HIV develops drug resistance, and how to support clients on their HIV treatment journey. By exploring different drug regimens and the importance of adhering to treatment, participants will leave this course with strategies on how to support people who are newly diagnosed, starting treatment, changing treatments, and staying on treatment.


At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how HIV treatment works.
  • Describe the benefits of HIV treatment.
  • Support clients beginning, switching, and staying on HIV treatment.
  • Communicate the importance of adhering to HIV treatment.

Target Audience: Service providers working in HIV.

Course is offered by CATIE.

Course Instructors

CATIE Educators


CATIE strengthens Canada’s response to HIV and hepatitis C by bridging research and practice. We connect healthcare and community-based service providers with the latest science, and promote good practices for prevention and treatment programs. CATIE’s team of regional health education coordinators delivers HIV and hepatitis C trainings to service providers located across Canada.


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