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Hepatitis C Basics is a Course

Hepatitis C Basics

Ends Apr 30, 2021


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Ends Apr 30, 2021




4 hours/Total



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Certificate (free)


CATIE’s Hep C Basics course provides foundational knowledge in hepatitis C (Hep C) for service providers who work with people living with or at risk of Hep C. The course content covers transmission, testing, treatment and health literacy. Participants will achieve a basic understanding of Hep C across the continuum of prevention, treatment, care and support, allowing them to discuss Hep C infection in their work and to support their clients.

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At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the epidemiology of Hep C in Canada.
  • Explain how Hep C is transmitted and identify ways to prevent Hep C infection.
  • Describe effects of Hep C on the liver.
  • Differentiate between acute and chronic Hep C.
  • Describe the tests used to diagnose and to monitor Hep C .
  • Identify some of the treatments approved for the treatment of Hep C in Canada.
  • Discuss health literacy and identify key barriers that clients may face while navigating the healthcare system.

Target Audience: Service providers who work with people living with or at risk of Hep C.

Course is offered by CATIE.

Course Instructors

CATIE Educators


CATIE strengthens Canada’s response to HIV and hepatitis C by bridging research and practice. We connect healthcare and community-based service providers with the latest science, and promote good practices for prevention and treatment programs. CATIE’s team of regional health education coordinators delivers HIV and hepatitis C trainings to service providers located across Canada.


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