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Ruby & the Canvas API - Self-Paced is a Course

Ruby & the Canvas API - Self-Paced



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4 weeks


1-2 hrs/week


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This course is designed for any Canvas admin who has been frustrated by someone at Instructure telling you, "It can be done through the API." The barrier to entry for using the Canvas API and programming in general can seem very high. Luckily, it's easier to learn than you think. The purpose of this course is to assist learners in going from 0 to hero with the Canvas API. Ruby is a simple to use programming language that will enable you to write scripts to help you interact with the Canvas API.


  • Given a prompt, students will use the Canvas API to perform a GET request for information about a user, and update that information with a PUT request via POSTMAN with 100% accuracy.
  • Given a Ruby script, students will identify and be able to change all the different variables and strings in the script and identify all the different gem dependencies with 100% accuracy.
  • Given a Ruby script, students will be able to install necessary Gem dependencies on their computers and run a ruby script with 100% accuracy.
  • Given a prompt, students will be able to modify a Typhoeus API call and add an export CSV file of the data to an existing Ruby script with 100% accuracy.
  • Given a prompt, students will be able to write and execute a multiple step Ruby Script with 100% accuracy with Typhoeus concurrency.

Requirements: Should have Canvas Administrator rights for an active Canvas site.

Target Audience: Current Canvas Administrators.

Course is offered by Canvas Network.

Course Instructors

Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy Perkins

Implementation Consultant, Instructure

Jeremy started at Instructure after being a secondary computer tech teacher. After working for Instructure as a trainer, and learning all the ins and outs of the UI, he became a Canvas implementation consultant. In order to assist customers with their specific and varied needs, Jeremy has spent the past two years honing his programming skills. He has become fluent in writing scripts using the Canvas API. Jeremy also has a Masters of Education in Learning and Technology.

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