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Mastering Academic Research: Information Skills for Successful Students is a Course

Mastering Academic Research: Information Skills for Successful Students

Ended Aug 17, 2015

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Starts July 6, 2015

Chances are, if you are researching MOOCs, you already know how to find certain information on the internet. This six-week, instructor-led course leverages what you already know about finding information to help you understand bibliographic research concepts from a familiar perspective. Learn how to find, evaluate, and use library databases, scholarly repositories, data archives, and other open-access materials in your own research, virtually painlessly. Course content is geared for current and prospective college students – including brand-new and returning students – in all disciplines.

What you will be able to do after taking this course:

  • Find the right information for your particular research need.
  • Distinguish scholarly articles and materials from among the bogus and biased.
  • Critique authors to understand their authority.
  • Use search terms in combinations that give the best results.
  • Reuse information and credit creators.
  • Support original research with other authors’ research.
  • Get your point across.
Rose Petralia

Rose Petralia, MSLIS


Rose Petralia is an instruction librarian and lover of information. Rose has taught writing and research-specific subjects as well as soapmaking and cooking, and recently designed and taught Florida Tech’s first MOOC along with a willing and wonderful group of her peers. 

Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell

Instructional Technologist

Jared Campbell is an Instructional Technologist and resident eLearning expert for the Florida Institute of Technology. He has been an educator of science and technology for over 12 years.