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Introduction to Strategic Thinking is a Course

Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Ended Jul 13, 2015

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Starts June 22, 2015

This is a short interdisciplinary course on strategic thinking and some of its most powerful tools. Strategic thinking is not exclusive to business or military applications. The skills taught in this course can be used by everyone. Young professionals can use the knowledge to effectively plan their careers, stay-at-home mothers can use it to improve how they communicate with their children, and entrepreneurs can use it to better position their business in the marketplace. Anyone who wants to learn how to think about and solve social, business, personal, environmental, or other problems in smarter and more creative ways will benefit from this course.

We will draw lessons and use concepts from economics, game theory, scenario planning, behavioral sciences, and futures studies, as well as philosophy and linguistics. The course includes reading material, video lectures, and audio content, which are accompanied by short quizzes. We will also work on case studies for each topic where students will have an opportunity to practice the tools and frameworks and discuss them with the learning community. At a reasonable pace of approximately 1-2 hours per day, a student can finish the course in about one week. The workload will depend on how quickly a student consumes the content and how much time and effort he wants to devote to the case study assignments. The course will be open for three weeks.

This course is designed to be a starting point for people who are just beginning to learn about strategic thinking. It is relatively short, informal, easy to follow, and practical (and hopefully entertaining). Here is how past students described their learning experience:

"Fascinating course. I loved the choice of materials selected to illustrate each lesson"

"The course was very enlightening! I was exposed to concepts that I have never heard of."

"Thank you for the stimulus and providing a completely different approach from what I was expecting from this class."

"I come from a background where I learned, used and taught military doctrine and decision making and I therefore confidently entered into this course expecting to have my expertise confirmed and (possibly!) added to. I see that I have a drop of knowledge and an ocean of lessons still to learn."


Sandjar Kozubaev

Economist & Strategist

Sandjar Kozubaev is an economist and a strategist. He has been practicing strategic and business consulting for more than eight years and has worked with Fortune 500 companies from all over the world. This course is a combination of Mr. Kozubaev's work experience and knowledge gained from different educational institutions where he has studied this topic extensively. Mr. Kozubaev has an undergraduate degree in economics from Tashkent State Oriental Studies Institute, a master’s in strategy & economics from the University of St. Andrews and an M.B.A. in design strategy from California College of the Arts. You can contact him on Twitter at @sandjar.