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Biometric Technologies: Identification for the Future is a Course

Biometric Technologies: Identification for the Future

Ended Apr 3, 2016

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Course Date:

Mar 7 - Apr 3, 2016


4 weeks


4 hrs/week



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Biometric technologies are the science of detecting and recognising human characteristics using technologies that measure and analyse individual biological data. The way we are genetically composed, creates identifiable traits that can uniquely represent us as individuals. Just as DNA can be used to identify individuals except for identical twins, some biometric traits such as fingerprints and iris prints are distinctive even among identical twins.

Current antiquated mechanisms such as keys, passes, tokens, passwords, PIN’s and secret questions are easily stolen and shared however biometrics is the method of identifying a person based on their distinctive physiological or behavioural characteristics and these attributes cannot be shared, misplaced or forgotten. Into the future, it is becoming increasingly important to have confidence in secure authentication of electronically stored information. As once our identity has been exploited, it could be used by an unauthorised person for fraudulent activities.Read More.

The course requires 3 – 4 hours of study each week and is self-paced over four-weeks. It provides video lectures with interactive Zaption activities, interactive PDF’s and weekly discussion forums. These activities provide you with an understanding of the operational effectiveness of biometric modalities and the systems used to collect and store biometric data and information. You also develop an appreciation of the important aspects associated with confidentiality, privacy, legislation and the standards that apply to the biometric industry. With further insights into biometric concepts being provided by guest speakers throughout the course and participants also virtually attend the 2014 Canberra Biometrics Institute Showcase, to learn more about the future of biometrics from industry specialists. After successful completion of the course you will be emailed your Certificate of Participation from the instructor.

The topics covered include:

  • Week 1: Biometric Technology
  • Week 2: Biometric Modalities
  • Week 3: Biometrics in Action
  • Week 4: Biometrics into the

Intended Audience: This course is suitable for anybody who is interested in the basic concepts of how unique biological traits and biometric technologies assist to deter fraud attempts and reduce security threats for better protection of personal identity.

Course duration and format: 4 weeks / self-paced course

Time to complete the course: Approximately 3 – 4 hours per week.

Certificate or digital badge for completing the course: Free certificate of participation

Format: Instructor led

Asynchronous (independent) activities: Yes

Synchronous (class) activities: No

Instructor feedback: Through discussions

Prerequisites: There are no essential prerequisite skills required for this course.

Recommended Materials: All materials are supplied during the course for free.


Course Instructors

Rachael Paton

Rachael Paton

Instructor/Biometric Technology Specialist

Rachael brings over 24 years of instructional experience and a comprehensive knowledge of adult pedagogy principles in classroom, online and flexible delivery learning environments. Rachael has amazing energy and enthusiasm for innovative educational environments and as such she developed the first; flexible learning business program and fully online diploma qualification for the Canberra Institute of Technology. She also developed this MOOC, to achieve her aspirations of educating the world in rapidly advancing technologies that will invariably provide individuals with better personal protection and more secure identification.

Rachael has a Graduate Certificate in Management, Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, Diploma in Project Management, Diploma in Simulated Business Environment and Certificate IV in Biometric Technologies and is currently studying towards her Doctorate of Education.

Rachael is passionate about exploring different ways to encourage life-long learning and enthusiastic to share her knowledge of the future innovative technologies. As a senior teacher in the Forensic area at the Canberra Institute of Technology she specialises in forensic digital imaging and biometric technologies. Rachael has also taught across a broad range of programs including business administration; project management; information technology and also has experience in business management from running her own computer consultancy.

Rachael can be contacted at