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Biometric Technologies: Identification for the Future (January 2019) is a Course

Biometric Technologies: Identification for the Future (January 2019)



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4 hrs/week



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Certificate (free)


Biometric technology is the science of detecting and recognising human characteristics using electronic equipment that measures and analyses biological data. Current antiquated mechanisms such as keys, passwords and PIN’s are easily stolen and shared. Therefore using technologies as a method of identifying a person based on their unique physiological or behavioural traits are becoming increasingly important. As once our identity has been exploited, it could be used by unauthorised individuals for fraudulent activities. This course examines the genetic traits that uniquely represent us as individuals and the technologies used to secure our identity, now and into the future.

You will gain further insight into the biometrics industry from specialist guest speakers and you are invited to virtually attend the 2014 Canberra Biometrics Institute Showcase, to learn more about the future of the biometrics industry. After successful completion of the course you will gain a certificate of participation.


This is a self-paced course, which provides you with:

  • A basic knowledge of biometric technologies
  • An understanding of essential terminology
  • The main uses and features of biometric modalities
  • How biometric systems work
  • Future emerging trends in the biometrics industry
  • An introduction to relevant legislation and standards

Target Audience: This course is designed for anyone who is interested in gaining an understanding of automated biometrics, including current and future technologies that will safeguard our identity.

Course is offered by Canberra Institute of Technology.

Course Instructors

Rachael Paton

Rachael Paton

Lead Instructor/Biometric Technology Specialist

Rachael has comprehensive instructional experience and knowledge of adult pedagogy principles in classroom, online and flexible learning environments. Rachael has amazing energy and enthusiasm for innovative educational designs and developed this MOOC, to achieve her aspirations of educating the world in rapidly advancing technologies that will invariably provide individuals with better personal protection and more secure identification. Rachael can be contacted at

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