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Exploring Engineering is a Course

Exploring Engineering

Ended Apr 20, 2015

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Full course description

Starts April 6, 2015

Are you considering a career in engineering? Are you fascinated by what engineers do? In this pre-college course, you will gain an understanding of the various fields of engineering and explore the engineering design process, from conceptual design and optimal choice evaluation to project construction. This introductory course is a recommended prerequisite for Brown University’s online pre-college courses focusing on specific engineering fields, including materials engineering, biomedical engineering, and renewable energy.

Students do not need to purchase any texts or materials for this course.

This course is designed so you do something everyday.

  • Day 1. Course Introduction
  • Day 2. Meet Engineers
  • Day 3. Design and Sketch
  • Day 4. CAD Fun
  • Day 5-7. Build a Prototype
  • Day 8. Test Prototype
  • Day 9. Reflect
  • Day 10. Submit interview
  • Day 11. Roadmap Your Career
  • Day 12. Course Conclusion
Karen Haberstroh

Karen Haberstroh, Ph.D.

Director of STEM Outreach at Brown University

Dr. Karen M. Haberstroh’s research addresses the use of novel nano-structured polymeric materials in soft tissue engineering applications. In addition to her research accomplishments, Dr. Haberstroh is dedicated to engineering and science education, and especially focuses on novel methods of education geared toward increasing the percentages of females and minorities in various physical science fields. Dr. Haberstroh is the Director of STEM Outreach and an Assistant Professor of Research (Engineering) at Brown University.

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