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College Readiness – Reading, Writing and Math is a Course

College Readiness – Reading, Writing and Math

Ended Dec 31, 2016

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Course Date:

Sep 12 - Dec 31, 2016


14 weeks


2 hrs/week



Course Type:





Students may choose to work at their own pace across all three subject areas, or to select individual content areas. Pretests will determine any learning deficits, which can then be mastered through self-paced learning modules. Not forgetting the importance of the human touch, this course is overseen by a trio of reading, writing, and mathematics professors who will be available to assist and encourage students along their journey to college readiness.

The reading portion of this course covers identifying, distinguishing, analyzing and inferring information from written English.

The writing portion of this course covers proper grammar, syntax and appropriate usage and mechanics of writing in English.

The math portion of this course covers whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, percents, inequalities and algebraic expressions. Read More.

Student Success Tips

This is not a traditional course, but a self-directed, self-study type of course; therefore in order to gain as much as possible of the knowledge and skills sought after, you need to be organized and manage your time well. There are no required assignments or deadlines for completing any activities (other than the timeframe of the entire course). However this course does include three distinct modules - reading, writing and math - and it is therefore equivalent to three separate short courses. It is up to you to decide which of the three modules' skills you want and/or need to focus mostly on (or all three) and create an appropriate schedule that fits your current personal, professional and family engagements. It is suggested that you devote at least ten hours per week to complete the learning activities required in each module. Make sure that you communicate with the instructor(s) or your classmates via the course email if you have any questions on any course materials or need assistance completing any activities. You can always communicate with the three available instructors leading the three course modules about any details pertaining to each of these three modules.



  • The students shall be able to demonstrate the ability to use active reading strategies and study skills.
  • The students shall demonstrate the ability to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words using various strategies.
  • The students shall demonstrate use of literal comprehension skills.
  • The students shall demonstrate use of critical comprehension skills


  • The students shall be able to demonstrate mastery of grammatical, mechanical and usage principles.
  • The students shall be able to use varied sentence structures to engage the reader and achieve cohesion between sentences.
  • The students shall be able to sustain focus on a specific topic and create a logical progression of ideas or events, conveying the relationship among them.


  • The students shall be able to demonstrate knowledge of basic number theory, including operations and order of operations of all types and forms of numbers.
  • The students shall be able to manipulate expressions and solve problems in one- and two-dimensional space of a variety of basic equations or inequalities, including linear and quadratic polynomials, rational and irrational expressions and equations, as well as systems of linear equations and graphing.
  • The students shall be able to demonstrate mastery of the above concepts and skills through solving abstract problems as well as real-life applications.

Course Instructors

David Hennessy

David Hennessy

Assistant Professor of English

A native of Miami, David attended the University of Miami for his B.A. and M.A. in English. He also earned a Graduate Certificate in Community College Education from the University of Central Florida. Since joining Broward College in 2001, David has taught both online and on-campus courses. In 2008, he became one of the first Broward College faculty to be recognized by Quality Matters for Excellence in Online Course Design. In 2009, David was awarded the A. Hugh Adams Endowed Teaching Chair at Broward College.

Laura Iossi

Laura Iossi

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Iossi has been teaching at Broward College since 1997 and has been awarded Endowed Teaching Chairs twice. She earned a Doctorate in Higher Education from FIU, a Master's Degree in Mathematics from Purdue University, and a B.S in Mathematics and B.A. in Theatre from FAU. Her research interests include math anxiety, bilingual college students, instructional technology, and classroom activities that promote student success. Professor Iossi created this math MOOC. Some of her leisure interests include windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding, running, snorkeling, dancing, acting, yoga, skiing, and traveling.

Charlene Koonin

Charlene Koonin

Professor of Reading

Charlene is a Professor of Reading at Broward College Florida. She graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York, with a Master’s of Science in Education in 1981. She has dedicated her career to teaching students how to read actively and engage in the cognitive and logical thought processes that are encompassed in the reading experience.

Over the years, Charlene has become very enthusiastic about helping students learn online. Her Developmental Reading course is recognized by Quality Matters for Excellence in Online Course Design.