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Think Biobased! is a Course

Think Biobased!



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3 hrs/theme
(8 total themes)



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Certificate (free)


This MOOC “Think Biobased” stimulates the transition towards a Biobased Economy. You will learn the basics of several important themes in the biobased economy. The themes are Agriculture in the Biobased Economy, Food Processing Industry, Bioenergy, Biomass Components, Biobased Applications, Reuse and Biobased Business and Innovations. Learning activities include online instructional videos, literature, and discussions with course participants and quizzes. Additionally, a challenging assignment will be part of the MOOC to share your own innovative ideas.


In this course you will learn the basics of the Biobased Economy through the following themes that are all connected:

  • You can explain in what way agriculture plays a major role in the biobased economy.
  • You can describe in what way the food processing industry can be made more biobased and what challenges have to be considered.
  • You can explain the opportunities and dilemmas of bioenergy within the biobased economy.
  • You can describe how biomass components as well as biobased applications play a role, and also the crucial role of reuse.
  • You can describe the business side of biobased economy as well as motivate and argue a new or existing biobased business idea.

You will be challenged to come up with new ideas for the biobased economy.

Target Audience: Professionals and students, with a non-technical background, interested in the Biobased Economy. For technical students and professionals we offer the MOOC Biobased Economy Introduction (starting September and February)

Course is offered by Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Course Instructors

M. Michels

M. Michels, PH.D.

Lead Instructor

Michiel is a senior lecturer and researcher at Avans University of Applied Sciences with a special focus on biobased chemistry. Research involves optimizing growth conditions in order to obtain biomass containing the desired bioproduct, biorefinery, nutrient recovery, and wastewater treatment.

D.F. Broens PhD

D.F. Broens, Ph.D.


Douwe-Frits manages the portfolio of business support activities of the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy. He has 25 years of experience in applied economic research connected to business. Both as a researcher and as an entrepreneur, in fields as broad as pipeline transport, flower auctions and small scale bioethanol production.

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