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Starts March 9, 2015

Learning to Learn Online will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to get you learning online in no time! This course is engaging, interactive, and fun and will help you overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from becoming a confident online learner.

Do you want to learn more about or improve your experience in online learning? Learning to Learn Online (LTLO) is designed for both new and experienced learners and will benefit anyone who wants to:

  • explore who they are as learners
  • understand what is required of online learning
  • develop effective tools and strategies for learning online.

Course description:

Learn how online education differs from traditional classrooms while you explore and develop your own personal strategies for online learning success. You will be guided through an interactive investigation and self-reflection process to help you determine your learning preferences and create your own personal strategies for successful online learning. We will address common misconceptions, frustrations and fears about online learning and introduce techniques to help overcome such obstacles. Various models of online courses will be explored as well as the concept of a “personal learning space.”


Course material will be delivered through content modules over five weeks. The LTLO course embraces a ‘learn by doing’ philosophy providing you with a variety of fun and effective learning activities that allow you to explore and assess your comprehension of the concepts and issues being raised throughout the course. The course is a mixture of directed, self-paced and community of inquiry (COI) learning environments. Components of typical online courses will be discussed and applied throughout. You will be encouraged to participate in discussions, share your knowledge and experiences, and to network beyond the duration of the course.

Course Objectives

Learners who complete this course will be able to:

  • Describe what it means to learn.
  • Identify and analyze their personal learning preferences.
  • Identify and describe the common components of an online learning environment.
  • Analyze and compare the differences between online learning and the traditional face-to-face classroom.
  • Describe areas of adjustment required for success in online learning.
  • Analyze various types of online learning environments including the paradigm of the personal learning environment.
  • Employ effective online communication skills through an exploration of common online communication tools and strategies.
Caroline Park

Caroline Park

Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs

Dr. Caroline Park is a Professor and Chair of Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University, and is heavily involved in blended and online teaching and research into mobile technologies in clinical education.

Over the past twelve years, she has been experimenting with course design, student interaction and specific tools such as Wiki, Marginalia and videos, as well as developing teaching strategies for paced online delivery. Dr. Park participated in the early MOOCS facilitated by Downs, Cormier and Seimens and another on Disruptive Technologies.

After receiving a BN at the University of Manitoba she was a practicing nurse and nurse educator for 20 years in Canada, the UK and the US. Following the receipt of an MEd and PhD in Educational Administration at the University of Alberta she was a government policy advisor and then joined Athabasca University, writing one of the inaugural courses in the Masters of Health Studies. She has been with AU since 1999.

Iain McPherson

Ian McPherson

Iain is eagerly looking forward to applying his extensive training and work experience to his role as the ‘Inspirer’ in Athabasca University’s new “Learning to Learn Online” course! Iain will be regularly checking in with course participants through announcements, observations and feedback - all designed to help support learners in this exciting introduction to online learning. Iain is nearing completion of his Master of Distance Education (MDE) degree at Athabasca University. He holds a GPA of 4.0 (A+) and was recently awarded the 2014 Canon Canada - Ikon Solutions MDE Scholarship for achieving the highest GPA in the core courses of the program.

As a member of Durham College’s Centre for Faculty Enrichment (CAFE), he has been responsible for numerous team-based projects related to online design and delivery. He recently completed work on a large-scale interdisciplinary redesign of courses for Ontario Online, including “Introduction to ELearning,” and served as project coordinator for two Ontario Program Innovation Fund (PIF) projects tasked with the complete redesign of face-to-face (F2F) college programs for hybrid and online delivery.

Iain also brings valuable ‘real-world’ work experience to the project. A 25 year veteran of the music industry, Iain has extensive experience satisfying diverse goals and needs through his work for such artists as U2, Madonna, and Nine Inch Nails.

Iain lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife, Assistant Dean, (UOIT) Dr. Carla Cesaroni with whom he shares his love of adventure travel and the company of their two dogs, Ripley and Newt.