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Sep 26 - Oct 10, 2016


2 weeks


1 hr/week



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Effective teaching is more than just lecturing. Rather, it is an ongoing flow of communication between teachers and students. In this course, faculty will learn how to offer students effective feedback that is aligned to course outcomes, timely, actionable, consequential, and user friendly. In addition, the course includes techniques to help students more effectively use feedback for improvement as well as techniques to help instructors leverage technology for increasing feedback efficiency.

This is one of five courses offered by ACUE in the series called Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning.


In order to provide useful feedback, we’ll discuss techniques you can use to:

  • Make feedback effective by ensuring it’s:
    • Aligned to course/class session objectives
    • Timely
    • Actionable—focused and specific
    • Consequential
    • User-friendly—focused on the learning
  • Help students use feedback to improve by:
    • Giving students the opportunity to practice revising
    • Conducting structured peer review sessions
    • Distributing handouts addressing common errors
  • Employ technologies to increase efficiency by:
    • Using video recording or audio recording
    • Using blogs, chats, or forums

Course Instructors

Laurie Pendleton

Laurie Pendleton

Course Facilitator

Ms. Pendleton is a Director of Content Development at ACUE. She has more than 25 years’ experience in education as a classroom teacher, building leader, and professional development specialist.