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Embracing Diversity in The Classroom is a Course

Embracing Diversity in The Classroom

Ended Nov 14, 2016

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Full course description

Course Date:

Oct 31 - Nov 14, 2016


2 weeks


2 hrs/week



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Faculty examine how their own experiences have shaped their perspectives and the importance of valuing different viewpoints. In addition, the module addresses the power of explicit and implicit messages (microaggression, stereotype threats) and offers techniques to create an inclusive classroom environment, as well as a curriculum, that is representative of diverse students.

This module is one of seven modules under ACUE’s domain on Establishing a Productive Learning Environment.


  • Examine how your background and experiences have shaped your perspective of your own and others’ cultural identity.
    • Recognize the importance of valuing different viewpoints.
  • Discern the impact of explicit and implicit messages on students.
    • Understand the impact of microaggressions and mitigate their effects.
    • Understand the impact of stereotype threat and mitigate its effects.
  • Incorporate diversity into your curriculum.
    • Ensure your course is representative of diverse students and sensitive to a diverse society.
  • Create an inclusive classroom environment.
    • Set ground rules early on for maintaining productive discourse.
    • Manage "hot moments" in the classroom.

Course Instructors

Laurie Pendleton

Laurie Pendleton


Ms. Pendleton is an ACUE Director of Content Development with over 25 years of education experience as a teacher, building leader, and professional development specialist. She has supported schools throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates in the implementation of reform efforts. Through this work, she has witnessed the impact of effective professional development on the improvement of teaching and learning and on teacher satisfaction and student achievement.